The 5 best tips for your couple shoot

February 19, 2023

Each place has its charm, each couple is different and each love is unique.

Many of the couples we have photographed around the world over the years have never had a couple photo session before.

So, today we will give you the 5 best tips to have an incredible couples session.

  • Get to know and connect with your photographer, the more confidence you will have with him, the more you will feel comfortable during your photo session.
  • Take care of the color palette of your outfit and make it match that of your partner.
  • Tell your photographer your love story, how you are temperamentally and what you like to do in your free time, this will help the photographer to know how to direct the photograph perfectly and offer you poses and activities based on your personality.
  • If your session is in an Italian historic center with uneven pavement or in the Mayan Riviera in Mexico, dress comfortably and bring a pair of shoes to change for travel.
  • Forget that there is a photographer and let yourself be carried away since you are sharing with your partner.

These shots were taken in Brussels, can you see the full post here

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