5 Tips to make your Intimate Wedding extra special

May 5, 2023

Intimate Weddings are increasingly Trending, for this reason, here we reveal 5 tips to make your Intimate Wedding totally special!

1 Think out of the box
Having fewer guests allows you more flexibility to explore unconventional wedding venues.
Do what you’ve always dreamed of by thinking outside the box. Get help from your planner and make every detail a dream come true

2 Hire a Wedding Planner or a Wedding Coordinator
As long as it is an intimate wedding, it is totally recommended that you hire a planner or a wedding coordinator, they will help you in all the planning, being able to concentrate your energy on living more in the moment.
They’ll be able to help move people from place to place if need be, and you won’t have to answer texts with last-minute questions while you’re getting your makeup done.

3 Make it a Meaningful Ceremony
A small wedding gives way to lots of meaningful moments. The most of which, is your actual ceremony. Think about ways to bring personal touches to your vows, or include guests in the moment.

4 Remember What Matters
Celebrate your love with your people. Not to get too sappy, but we just love here and that’s what it’s ALL about in the end. Make the moments count and breathe through it all. A wedding is a celebration of your beautiful relationship.

5 Plan an After Party
We LOVE when couples take the time to surprise guests with a little cherry on top of the celebration. Make it true to you and something your guests will dig and then keep that party going!

The Team of this Intimate Wedding:

Wedding Planner & Stylist: Yesica Lado
Bridal Stylist : Cocoderiquer & Laural Calderon
Dress: Hello Bride
Floral Designer : Itzi Guridi